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Anek provides active and collaborative learning spaces

Using a single platform, you can organise and schedule content, manage multiple groups of learners, monitor their learning needs, assess their knowledge and generate rich insights through data analytics.

active and collaborative learning spaces

Anek provides unlimited capabilities in a unified toolkit for Educators and Learners to achieve learning outcomes.

dashboard view

Course builder and consumption

Our collaborative content authoring tool simplifies the process of creating and publishing rich courses for consumption.

Groups management

Organize and manage your learners by segmenting them into batches. Connect, share, assign and evaluate specifically through these groups.

Discussions, Notes and Flash cards

Peers can discuss over learning content, access minified notes, use flash cards and attach resources for wholesome learning.

Assessment management system

Build adaptive assessments for student learning achievement and institutional effectiveness for continuous improvement and accreditation.

Integrated payment gateway

Collect payments for the courses you create and accept fees in your defined scheduled intervals.

Instant communication

You can connect and collaborate on our platform using messaging, calls, video and webinar.

Smart recommendations

Algorithms analyse learner needs and progress to make timely recommendations for long term retention of learning content.

Mobile learning

Learners can consume the courses you publish at their own pace, on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Advanced search and discovery

Our platform provides search and filtering across the content and files for swift access of needed information.

Diverse views

Amplify learning with rich discussions and the diverse views of peers available in context of the subject matter.

Robust reporting

Get detailed analytics of your users and groups. Generate custom reports and schedule them to be shared automatically.

Embedded gamification

Our platform uses leaderboards, point scoring, progress bars, badges and social reinforcement to bring the fun back in learning.

Customise and deploy for your needs and success

Anek can adapt to its environment and deliver results across multiple industries.


Deliver quality teaching for better learner outcomes

Anek brings educators, learners, guardians and management onto a single platform to manage your entire space. Teach, assess, share and connect with ease and effectively.

higher and further education
corporate learning

Transform employees into lifelong learners

Anek uses AI-driven technology to provide personalized learning, centralize learning activities, allow continuous learning in the flow of work and empower your customers and employees to stay aligned with your brand.

Choose the plan that’s right for your environment

Pay by month or the year, and cancel at any time.

$1 USD

per person, per month, when billed yearly

BasicFor starter spaces
  • Course authoring tools
  • Assessment engine
  • Text chat
  • Basic reporting
  • Upto 100 GB
  • Upto 100 users
$4 USD

per person, per month, when billed yearly

PremiumFor advanced spaces
  • 3D, XR & Live Webinars
  • Advanced assessments
  • Audio & Video chat
  • Custom reporting
  • Unlimited storage
  • Upto 1000 users
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UnlimitedFor custom spaces
  • Unlimited features
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Account management
  • White labelling
  • Migration assistance
  • Volume discounts

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Learning must be active, collaborative, experiential and gamified

With this mission, we at Anek provide the best of instructional design and technology to empower both Educators and Learners in creating an impactful ecosystem around us. Thousands of learners and instructors trust us with our research-driven approach in delivering quality technology in Education.

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